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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Behind the Times: A Cheesy Launch Poem

Blogging is such a fulfilling endeavor
I find myself wishing it could last forever.
I blogged for a few years; then stopped when I moved
Back to the States, where I found a new groove.

And now time keeps passing, and each new year brings
More changes in how we communicate things.
When I last was blogging, there was no SnapChat;
Tumblr was tiny; we all had less apps.

Folks were more likely to sit down and write
Or read something long, that might take half the night.
I liked writing back in those blogging days
But haven't caught up to technology's ways!

Devices are now small enough to be held,
(Unlike our attention, with its one-minute spell).
People now share, comment, like, post, and tweet.
But we less often blog; we don't write much... nor read.

"It's sad," I have thought, as I pondered this site.
"A blog is the thing that I most like to write.
So I'll start one regardless.  I'll do it!  I will!"
Is it fruitless?  Perhaps.  But what's sadder still...

...Are the terrible rhymes that I made in this poem.
Dr. Seuss would be crying.  So I better go.  :)

(Hehe.  Here's the meat of the post, without the cheese:
I've wanted to start blogging again for a while, but I'm a little worried I'll be writing for a roomful of chirping crickets.  Have you ever felt that way?  So please do stop by from time to time.  

More info is on my About the Author page.  Thanks!)


Unknown said...

And she's back!! I've missed your blog. :)

Lisa Stoltzfus said...

Am I the first person to leave a comment? Please say yes, choose me, choose me!!! (I sense that a poetic response could be in the works, but my pregnant brain will not cooperate right now). Excited to follow your adventures; you are awesome, Alison! :)