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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

[In the Style of Flight of the Conchords] Tears of a Carpenter

Last night, my community group did some odd jobs at our church camp.  I'd like to tell you a bit about the night, in the style of Flight of the Conchords' Tears of a Rapper:

Some people say carpenters don't have feelings.
...We have feelings.
Some people say we're not carpenters.
...We're carpenters.
...That hurts our feelings, when you say that we're not carpenters.
Some people say that we're invincible.
....We're vincible.

drop the beat

It's Monday night, and I'm at CG
Waitin for instructions from my friend, Shaly.
There's a camp to clean; no time to fail.
But I know what I should do cuz I got her e-mail.

"Find the back room, to the west, where the carpet's filled with mold.
Find a spot along the edge where you can grab and take hold.
Rip the carpet and the pad and then throw it all away.
Then patch the broken wall if you still have time today."

I found a room with carpet and a janky looking wall.
I knew it was the right room cuz it din't smell good at all.
My friend and I got truckin; soon the carpet was half out.
When Matt stopped by and said, "Hey, ladies, what's this all about?"

"Are you worried 'bout our workmanship?" we asked with drips of sweat.
"Well, it doesn't look too bad, but don't finish this room yet."
"Why not?" we asked.  He sighed and paused, and then he laid the boom:
"You got the carpet up but you DID THE WRONG ROOM."

"Oh no!  We're on the east!" I cried. "This building is confusing."
(But I just didn't think enough before we started cruising.)
Now I know to check for sure when someone tells me "west."
It's over on the side of earth where the sun sets.

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