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Sunday, July 30, 2017

Reader, I Married Him

On a sunny summer evening in June, I married my Andy.

(photo credits to Jill Belgarde Photography)

How have seven weeks gone by without a hint of this on my blog?

Life has been FULL ever since we started dating last spring. Somehow in the midst of our single-people schedules, we found lots of time to spend together, but it never seemed like enough.

Then we got engaged, and wedding planning took our lives by storm! In those three months, we learned a lot about the faithfulness of our God and the awesomeness of our family and friends. (We began to wish we'd been way more helpful to any engaged couples we ever knew once we experienced wedding planning ourselves.) (And I marveled at the outright silliness of the wedding industry. How easy it felt sometimes to get sucked in! But don't get sucked in!)

We had our wedding, and we loved it. We had a picnic with our out-of-town guests the next day, and we loved that too.

Then we stayed up all night doing laundry and driving to the airport for our honeymoon! Our week in Hawaii was filled with ocean, trees, cliffs, and winding roads. We loved it.

We returned to an apartment full of boxes and immediately got to work clearing the major box mountains out of our living room, because couches soon arrived! Once we had a table and seating in our apartment, it began to feel like home.

[This is where I would insert more photos, but apparently married people don't take them. Our life is a photo-less desert after Hawaii.]

Then we settled into summer. It's been filled with post-moving tasks, post-wedding tasks, catching up with people, learning new treasures from God's Word, and enjoying the gift of marriage.

We also still have jobs. Our honeymoon had led me to believe that getting married means you don't have to go to work and you sleep in all the time and your only responsibilities are putting on sunscreen and eating fish tacos. Apparently that's not true. So we are both back at work and figuring out how to manage employment plus marriage PLUS fish tacos.

For a woman who loves to write, it was strange for me not to write through some of the biggest transitions in my life. But even if I would have had the perfect words to publicly mark this season of abundantly good gifts, there has never seemed to be much time.

After all, those fish tacos won't eat themselves. Thanks for reading. :)


Linda said...

Alison and Andy's life together just makes me smile. My prayer is for the rest of the world to be as happy as they are in their new life together.

LisaM said...

Yay! I want to hear more about Hawaii. 😁