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Sunday, February 21, 2016

Checking in: A Daily Life Update

Hi guys! Do you know how much I've enjoyed writing for you here?

This blog has been going for nine or ten months. I had thought that maybe a theme or a style would emerge by now, but so far it remains a pretty eclectic mix of styles and topics. (And I am always open for suggestions on either!)

Most of my posts so far have been either opinion pieces (usually about current events or faith) or entertainment pieces. The opinion pieces have been very helpful for me to write, as they have forced me to sit down and think about why I believe and act as I do. The entertainment pieces have been really fun to write, and I hope you've enjoyed them.

That said, I realized how seldom I write to you in my own voice about my own daily life. So here's a quick update on me!

When I moved back from China, the Lord answered several prayers in specific ways by providing a job, a church, and housemates. Because it seems that God clearly placed me in these settings, I plan to stay in them until He clearly calls me elsewhere.

I'm still working as a speech-language pathologist. My job is to help people who have experienced a stroke or brain injury rehabilitate their communication, cognition, and swallowing function. I have the best co-workers, the best boss, and one of the best healthcare experiences anyone could have. People at my job really care, which makes it a great job even though I don't always feel particularly well suited to rehab.

I still go to a non-denominational church downtown, which is made up of about 800 young adults. I am considering myself a "young" adult for the purpose of that statement. :) I'm involved in English-teaching ministry at my church and hope to become more involved in some cool outreaches to internationals that are brewing at my church. More on that later, probably.

I still live with three girls from my church in the 120-year-old mansion that my roommate bought a year ago. But one of my roommates is moving out, so soon we will lose a roommate. :(  But gain a living room. :)

Most of my evenings are spent with my community group from church, or with people from other countries that I've met through English teaching or the local college's international friendship program. Also this year? Showers. Baby and bridal. Zillions of them. I am becoming the most educated non-mom when it comes to baby gadgetry.

I don't have much travel planned this spring, since three of the half-dozen speech-language pathologists at my job are taking overlapping maternity leaves. Yikes! But come summer, I plan to take a ton of time off so I can see family and friends, participate in international outreach stuff, and burn the American Airlines miles that I have been resolutely collecting all year on my new AA credit card.

Just now, I started and then deleted a few different sentences about things that I've been learning, or ways God has been refining me, or what's new in my spiritual life. But I'm not a skilled enough wordsmith to give you a taste of those things without worrying that I'm over-sharing on a very public forum. Yikity yikes!

So feel free to ask in person, and I'll look forward to getting an update on YOUR life then, too. Have a great week, and thanks for reading.

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