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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

It's about to get real up in here... Real single.

Hi guys!  This month I have an article coming out in an e-magazine called Single Matters.  In celebration, I'm declaring it Singleness Week here on the blog.

The peril of writing about singleness is, of course, VULNERABILITY.

If I talk candidly about being a single woman in my thirties, what will you think of me??

Will you misunderstand me?
Will you feel sorry for me?
Will you think I'm kind of whiny?
Will you think I'm desperate?
Will you think my jokes are pathetic?
Will you buy me a household of cats?

So before we launch Singleness Week, I need you to not assume that I'm secretly depressed.  (I'm not.)  I need you laugh at my jokes.  (They'll be super funny.)  I need you to buy me only one cat.  (A calico.)

We good here?  OK, thanks.  Enjoy Singleness Week!  (Find the whole collection here.)

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